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Adinath Temple in Jamnagar

 Like a host of other religious destinations in India, Jamnagar has a number of temples that, over the years, have borne the history of the land with them. Hence these Holy Places in Jamnagar are the primary source of Tourist Attractions in Jamnagar. The Adinath temple in Jamnagar, India is one such place of tourist interest.

History of Adinath temple, Jamnagar

One of the distinguishing features of the Temples in Jamnagar is the fact that a good number of them belong to the Jain Sect. These Jain Temples in Jamnagar were built in memory of the lives of the various Tirthankaras (Jain Saints). Another underlying motive behind the foundation of such temples is to spread the religion of Jainism to the rest of the world.

The Adinath temple, Jamnagar was built in memory of 'Adinath', who was the first Jain Tirthankara.

Description of Adinath temple, Jamnagar

All over the body of Adinath temple, Jamnagar, the life stories of the Tirthankaras are depicted by tableaux. The colors used in such forms of art like yellow, green, pink, orange and blue are usually blurred and indistinct. The murals also depict a wide range of flowers, Gods, people, and domestic objects which illustrate the stories even further.

The graceful designs and murals on the ceilings, walls, and even pillars of Jamnagar Adinath temple amaze the visitors. The floor is made of marble, which is decorated with typical Jain designs and patterns in yellow, red, white, and black colors.

The top of the Adinath temple is covered by a large dome. The external part of this dome is adorned with mosaics of gold as well as other colors. The Adinath Temple also has a cupola which is embellished with mirrors of various shapes and sizes. This can be found right above the entrance portico which adds to the grandeur of the Temple. Thus the Adinath temple in Jamnagar, India has remained as an important place to visit in the Tour to Gujarat.


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