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Lakes and Rivers in Jamnagar

Picturesque in her natural beauty, the very essence of the city of Jamnagar can only be summed up by the use of the term "pure elegance". Clean and beautifully maintained, the various lakes and rivers in Jamnagar offer a sight which provides relief to sore eyes tired by the daily rigors of our mundane lives. If you are planning a trip to Jamnagar, be prepared to be mesmerized by the picturesque lakes and rivers of Jamnagar, which have today grown to be some of the most popular Tourist attractions in Jamnagar.

Almost the entirety of the story of the origin of the city of Jamnagar can be attributed to the presence of the various Lakes and rivers of Jamnagar. It is said that the city of Jamnagar grew up along the banks of the River Rangmati, which even today, appears to be one of the most essential lifelines of the city of Jamnagar.

Today the various lakes and rivers of Jamnagar can also prove to be a heaven for budding ornithologists as these lakes and rivers are often used by various species of birds as their home. These are also inclusive of some very special species of migratory birds who take shelter in the warm ambience of these water bodies of Jamnagar to escape from the bitter cold of their own countries of origin.

Lakes and Rivers in Jamnagar

If you are planning a tour to the Jamnagar in Gujarat in India here are some of the main Lakes and Rivers in Jamnagar which can prove to be extremely charming pieces of tourism while on a trip of travel to Jamnagar:

  • Ranmal Lake, Jamnagar
  • Rangmati River, Jamnagar

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