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Lakhota Museum in Jamnagar

One of the most striking remnants of the rich past of imperial India, a Tour To Jamnagar is considered as a definite must have, if you are planning a tour schedule to Gujarat. Almost the whole of the former princely state of Jamnagar is still alive, stunning rich glory of the times gone by, standing as a witness to an era of richness which still heavily influences the way of life of not just Jamnagar but the whole of the province of Gujarat. Home to a history, which the city proudly holds even today, the long list of the various Museums Of Jamnagar are led by the exotic beauty of the museums like Lakhota Museums, Jamnagar.

History of the Lakhota Museum, Jamnagar

The History of Jamnagar states that the city was built by Jam Rawal in the year 1540. He belonged to one of the most respected Royal dynasties of Gujarat. It is after Jam Rawal, that the city of Jamnagar gets its name. The previous name for the city was Nawagarh, which can be literally translated to mean "New City". The Lakhota Palace in Jamnagar in Gujarat in India was built by the Jam dynasty as a royal munitions store, which could come handy during the times of war.

Description of the Lakhota Musuem, Jamnagar

The city of Jamnagar is built on the banks of the Lake Ranmal, which is one of the most pictorial lakes of Gujarat. The rulers of Nawangar constructed this palace and today it is regarded to be one of the most popular museum and an important Tourist Attractions in Jamnagar. It houses artifacts which date back to the early 8th century A.D. and one can also find artifacts which elaborate on the lives of the people around the region who lived there during the 18th century.

Located close to the Lakhota Fort is the Koath Bastion, which is famous for being the arsenal, built by the Royal family of Jamnagar. One of the most interesting spot of the area is an old well, from which water can be drawn by blowing in to a small hole on the floor.


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