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Museum of Antiquities in Jamnagar

One of the most interesting aspects of planning a Tour to Jamnagar is the rich history and heritage of the land, a history, which can be said to be one of the olde3st histories of all the princely states of Saurasthra. Almost the entirety of the city of Jamnagar is dotted with some of the finest Forts and Monuments Of Jamnagar, which are led by, perhaps, the vast storehouse of antiquities as preserved in the Museum of Antiquities, Jamnagar. The Museum of Antiquities in Jamnagar is considered to a definite must include in your tour itinerary if you are planning a visit to the city of Jamnagar. Definitely noticeable as one of the most attractive tourist attractions in Jamnagar, almost the entirety of the complex of the Museum of Antiquities, Jamnagar has some secret or the other to share with the tourists to her land.

History of the Museum of Antiquities, Jamnagar

According to the History of Jamnagar, as it is known today, it is said that the city was built in the year 1540, by Jam Rawal, who was born in one of the most respected Royal dynasties of Gujarat. It is after Jam Rawal, that the city of Jamnagar was renamed to its present name. The previous name for the city was Nawagarh, a name which can be literally translated to mean New City. The Museum of Antiquities in Jamnagar in Gujarat in India is today housed in the complex that was built by the Jam dynasty as a royal arsenal, which could come handy in times of war. Also known as the Lakhota Fort in Jamnagar, the complex was built as a royal arsenal that could be used by the soldiers during times of war or during times of need. It is this complex, which today houses the famous Museum of Antiquities, Jamnagar.

Description of the Museum of Antiquities, Jamnagar

Also known as the Lakhota Museum in Jamnagar, the Museum of Antiquities, Jamnagar is a storehouse of various artifacts which take you back to history. These include sculptures, paintings, inscriptions, copper plates, coins, photographs. Services of a Library are also provided where you can read more about the artifacts which are displayed. Added to these are the services of the guides as well as occasional lectures, which are often arranged by the authorities.


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