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Kailash Gufa Jashpur

Jashpur located on the Northern part of Chhattisgarh, India is a veritable paradise for nature lovers. The whole area abounds in natural resources and tribal population. The Uraon tribals are the main inhabitants of the place. Many of them have adopted Christianity with the advent of the missionaries who were also responsible in opening a number of missionary schools in the area. In the process the literacy rate in Jashpur is quite high in comparison to the rest of Chhattisgarh. There are many Tourists Attractions in Jashpur that are apt for nature lovers and adventure travelers. The Rivers, Caves, and Waterfalls in Jashpur provide ample opportunities for trekkers and hikers to sharpen their skills. Moreover if you are a nature photographer, let your camera do the talking in the wilderness of these places. The Kailash Gufa is one of the most frequented spots in Jashpur.

Kailash Gufa is located in the dense jungle of Kangar Valley National Park. The cave seems to be out of some prehistoric era with dark and narrow entrance. This 100 meter long cave is located in a hill and came into notice in 1993. The stalactite and stalacmite formation leaves are the main features of this ancient cave. It provides ample resources for the geologist. It is probably known as Kailash Gufa because of the natural stalagmite formation of a shivlinga. Another interesting character of the cave lies in the fact that whenever you strike the hollow walls it makes musical sound created due to the vacuum between the cave walls.


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