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Kotebira Eb River Jashpur

Jashpur is situated on the North of Chhattisgarh. This quaint town is divided into Upper Ghats and the Lower ghats. The upper ghats are replete with dense forest and hilly terrain while the lower ghats consist of shrublands and grasslands. A number of waterfalls and rivers can be seen sprawling the whole length and breath of Jashpur. Once a princely state, it is now known for its tribal population many of whom have converted to Christianity. However the missionaries left a lasting impression on the education of the place and you can see many primary schools and colleges thronging the place. No wonder the literacy rate in Jashpur is high. There are many Tourist Attractions in Jashpur consisting mainly of Rivers, Caves and Waterfalls in Jashpur. The embankment of Kotebira Eb River is an ideal retreat for nature lovers and adventurers.

Kotebira Eb River seems to be a place from another world. The haunting aspect of this place has a certain charm to it. More than lively the river is serene and calm. The rocky wall on the sides seems to be of prehistoric times and tells an ancient tale. Like many other Rivers in Indian mythology, even this has a story to tell. God is said to have been so pleased with the River and its surroundings that he decided to build a dam here. However due to unforeseen reasons he couldn't complete his handiwork and left it unfinished. This somehow reasons for the rocky dam like wall by the side of the river. This beautiful river is situated near Tapkara, 60 kilometers from Jashpur main.

There are many a spots in Jashpur like Kotebira Eb River, each with its own legend and story to tell. The folklore of the place will enthrall the tourists. Take a leisurely walk by the river and let your camera do the talking.

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