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Khalis Mukhlis Masjid

Jaunpur is a city in Uttar Pradesh which has gained ample amount of popularity for its mosques among which, the Khalis Mukhlis Masjid, Jaunpur needs a mention. Hence, due to an incursion of a large number of tourists, Jaunpur Khalis Mukhlis Masjid has become one of the chief Tourist Attractions in Jaunpur.

History :

The Khalis Mukhlis Masjid in Jaunpur, India is known to have been built by and during the reign of Sultan Ibrahim in 1470 A.D. The sultan named the Masjid after his chief administrators, Malik Khalis and Malik Mukhlis.

Description :

The Jaunpur Khalis Mukhlis Masjid has a number of features, which are similar to that of the Atala Masjid, Jaunpur. However, the Masjid of Khalis Mukhlis at Jaunpur is smaller in terms of dimensions and form. This is clearly evident from the pylon and both internal as well as the external decorations of the mosque.

Although, small in stature, the Khalis Mukhlis Masjid, Jaunpur still fascinates the numerous tourists who come from all over the world in order to pay a visit the holy shrine. The special prayers that are held on Friday of every week are known to provide ultimate peace of mind and hence are a popular attraction for the visitors.

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