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Trilochan Mahadev Temple

Jaunpur is a city in Uttar Pradesh that has made a considerable name for itself, in the Uttar Pradesh Tourist Guide. The city shares its rich association with history of medieval India; particularly during the time of the Delhi Sultanate. Such historical linkage has resulted in the emergence of a number of Tourist Attractions in Jaunpur, one of the most significant among which is the Trilochan Mahadev Temple.


The Tughlaq Dynasty in Delhi and more importantly Firoz Shah Tughlaq, bears the recognition of building some of the finest mosques in and around the city of Jaunpur.

Later, the Sharqi Dynasty established their rule in this region and furthered the architectural demonstrations that had been earlier put forward by the Tughlaqs. They did so by adding to the list of beautiful mosques that were characterized by their artistic beauty and exquisite craftsmanship. The Trilochan Mahadev Temple in Jaunpur, India is one of such examples.

Description of Trilochan Mahadev Temple, Jaunpur

Situated about 40 kilometers away from the city of Jaunpur, the Temple of Trilochan Mahadev has been an ancient place for worship of the Hindus. The Jaunpur Trilochan Mahadev Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva.

In addition to this, the Trilochan Mahadev Temple, Jaunpur also has other places of interest like the Shitla Chowkiya Dham and the Yamadagni Ashram in its vicinity.

One of the most convenient ways of reaching Trilochan Mahadev Temple, Jaunpur is by availing the bus or train services from Varanasi (Benaras), which is just 56 kilometers away from Jaunpur. The Jaunpur Trilochan Mahadev Temple can also be accessed from Lucknow, the capital of the State of Uttar Pradesh, which is 214 kilometers away as well as from Mirzapur which has a distance of 69 kilometers from Jaunpur.

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