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Museums in Jaunpur

Located in the south-eastern part of Uttar Pradesh, the city of Jaunpur is a perfect specimen of the Purvanchal (the area in the east). Jaunpur is basically the name of a district in the south-eastern part of Uttar Pradesh. Among Tourist Attractions in Jaunpur, the Museums in Jaunpur are the ones that must be visited.

Like various other Cities in Uttar Pradesh, Jaunpur also has an elaborate history behind it which stretches as far as the times of the Delhi Sultanate in 1388 A.D. when the Tughlaq Dynasty, headed by Firoz Shah Tughlaq, was in the ascendancy. With the passage of time Jaunpur experienced the shift from the rule of one leader to the other.

Now, we come to the places of interest in Jaunpur. This list can undoubtedly be topped by the Jaunpur Museums. The chief factor, which makes the Museums in Jaunpur, India, frequently visited by tourists from the world over, is the fact that they not only fascinate you with their various artifacts, but also render valuable informations on their respective fields of human activities.

The Museums of Jaunpur are also diverse with respect to the kinds of articles they showcase. For example, the Archaeological Museum exhibits the historic evidences that reveal the invaluable stories of the past. The Botany Museum and the Zoology Museum enrich the ideas of the visitors regarding the flora and the fauna.

Thus, Museums in Jaunpur would certainly refresh your minds from the usual sightseeing, which sometimes seem monotonous.

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