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Archaeological Museum

Based in the city of Jaunpur, the Archaeological Museum, Jaunpur is the storehouse of numerous archaeological evidences that enthrall the tourists who come from various parts of the world to see it.

Description :

The Archaeological Museum in Jaunpur, India, is under strict supervision of the famous T.D. College in Uttar Pradesh.

Among the various exhibits in the Archaeological Museum, Jaunpur, the ones that need a special mention are the sculptures of ancient times. These carvings done mostly in stone or terracotta make you admire the architectural finesse possessed by the artists in those days.

The Archaeological Museum of Jaunpur also displays a number of ancient coins which served as the medium of exchange in their respective time periods. One also gets to see the gradual evolution of the coins in terms of their components from stones to metals. Moreover, in stones, one can witness how the coins in gold made way for silver and then the modern day coins, where nickel is the prime component.

The Archaeological Museum, Jaunpur does not charge any entry fee from its visitors. The museum is open from 10.30 in the morning till 5.15 in the evening on all working days. The Jaunpur Archaeological Museum remains closed on all public holidays and one the days when the T.D. College is closed for vacations. Photography inside the museum is strictly prohibited.

The Archaeological Museum, Jaunpur can also be reached with ease. The city of Jaunpur is well connected by roadways as well as railways from various parts of the state of Uttar Pradesh.

All in all, the Archaeological Museum, Jaunpur is a destination that you cannot afford to overlook.


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