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Botany Museum

The Botany Museum in Jaunpur, India, is one of the Museums in Jaunpur, which has necessitated the incorporation of Jaunpur, the small town of Uttar Pradesh, into the Uttar Pradesh Travel Guide.

Being situated in the quiet town of Jaunpur, which is better known for historical reasons more than anything else, a Museum of Botany is somewhat an unusual place that you might imagine. But on visiting the Botany Museum in Jaunpur, India, you will be refreshed on viewing those plants which possesses some unique features.

Description :

The T.D. College, which is a renowned institution imparting higher education in this part of the world, is the governing body which looks after the Botany Museum, Jaunpur. The Jaunpur Botany Museum was established in the year 1956 for the purpose of providing additional insight into the study of Botanical Sciences to the students of the College. With the passage years, the Botany Museum, Jaunpur began to gain recognition and reputation among tourists.

The exhibits the various plants and fossils of plants that have some unique characteristics. All these items have been well preserved and stylishly displayed, hence arousing interest in the visitors to know about them. Special Guides are present in the premises of the Botany Museum, Jaunpur who deliver essential knowhow to the visitors.

The Botanical Museum in Jaunpur is open for the public on all working days from 10.00 a.m. and closes at 5.00 p.m. The Jaunpur Botany Museum remains closed on all public holidays and during the vacations of T.D. College. However, the Jaunpur Botany Museum does not allow the tourists to take photographs of any of the displayed items.

Thus a visit to the Botany Museum of Jaunpur would certainly be a one to remember.


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