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Zoological Museum

The city of Jaunpur located in south-eastern part of the state of Uttar Pradesh, offers a range of tourist attractions each of which is different from the other. The Zoological Museum in Jaunpur, India, is certainly one of them.

Description :

The Zoological Museum of Jaunpur was established by the T.D. College, which is a renowned institution rendering higher education in Uttar Pradesh.

The sole objective behind the formation of Zoological Museum, Jaunpur was to impart knowledge on zoological sciences to the students of the college as well as to the tourists. This according to the college authorities would also go a long way in popularizing the science of zoology, on which people seem to have lost interest.

The Zoological Museum, Jaunpur is well supported by all its staff members, among whom a few are the professors of the T.D. College. These people can always be consulted by students as well as those who are 'knowledge hungry'.

All the specimens of animals are well preserved and displayed meticulously along with labeled informations alongside the exhibits.

The Jaunpur Zoological Museum is open from 10 in the morning till 5 in the evening. The Museum remains closed on all Sundays, public holidays, and during vacations of the College. Another feature of Zoological Museum, Jaunpur which makes it one of the popular Tourist Attractions in Jaunpur, is the fact that the museum does not charge any money as 'entry free'.

Hence, due to all the above reasons, the Zoological Museum, Jaunpur is a place that must be visited.

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