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Tourist Attractions In Jeypore

The rustic simplicity of the tribal villages, the dense forests and pleasant topography, make a tour to Jeypore a truly rewarding experience. To add on to the scenic beauty of the place, there are also a host of Tourist Attractions in Jeypore that make tourists go helter-skelter after the spot. For those on the lookout for a truly forlorn spot away from the footfalls of tourists, Jeypore is ideal.

The Bagra Waterfall on the Kolab River is one of the major Tourist Attractions in Jeypore in Orissa India is a popular picnic spot for the tourists. The Shiva Temple at Papadahandi and the famous 32-stepped throne of Batris Simhasan in Nandapur are other Tourist Attractions in Jeypore. In Orissa that you can visit on your tour to Jeypore. This temple is in fact not only one of the major Tourist Attractions in Jeypore; it is also counted as one of the major historical landmarks in Jeypore.

The Gupteswar cave shrine of Lord Shiva, set atop a limestone hill, is a much revered pilgrimage site in Jeypore even for the residents of the villages close to Koraput in the neighboring state of Chattisgarh. Another place that you can visit for its natural beauty and serene locales on your tour to Jeypore is Sunabeda valley. The dense forests and the humming cicadas, the prevalent calm after sundown and are surely impress you and make you want to come back time and again.

The best time to visit Jeypore is in winter, since the summers are scorching hot. You need to carry some warm things for the night. The days can be spent in cotton clothing.

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