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Minna Jhola Jeypore

A quaint little town surrounded by dense forests, a picturesque reservoir and dam, and dotted with tribal settlements on the outskirts, Jeypore is a popular weekend spot in Orissa. The holy places in Jeypore are revered even by the people of the neighboring states of Chhattisgarh and Andhra Pradesh. The Minna Jhola Jeypore is one of the most visited Holy places in Jeypore.

Minna Jhola Jeypore lies on the confluence of three rivers and is a perfect place to relax and enjoy a day in the sun. The calm and quiet surroundings make a perfect outing spot. The Shiva Temple at Minna Jhola in Jeypore in India becomes the focus of much activity on Shiv Ratri. On the day of Shiv Ratri the local women flock to the temple with offerings of milk, fruits, sweets and bhang for the Lord Shiva.

The place surrounding Minna Jhola Jeypore is beautiful with the gurgling waters of the rivers and the green dense forests populating the banks. A confluence is always deemed sacred in India. Almost every river confluence in India marks a holy festival, a temple or other places of religious interest.

Minna Jhola is just well connected and lies well within the reach of Jeypore. You can approach Minna Jhola in Orissa by road from Gunupur via Gudari, which is 245 km from Koraput. Taxis and autos are available for Minna Jhola Jeypore. Buses are the cheapest mode of transport though not the most comfortable one. Before you board a bus, you should be ready not to make any fuss about the crowd and be willing to brush your shoulders with the rustic locals; if you cannot, it's better you arrange for private transport.


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