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Tours to Manvar

Rajasthan is one of the most prominent tourist destinations that offer a lot of tourist attractions. The variety of tourist attraction helps in making Rajasthan one of the most sought after tourist attraction. In fact, Rajasthan is currently one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. The unique charm appeals similarly to the domestic tourists as well as foreign tourists. Among the various cities in Rajasthan that manages to attract a large number of tourists, Jodhpur is a prominent one. Jodhpur is tourist place in Rajasthan that has a variety of tourist places. These tourist places experiences a huge number of tourist footfall. However, in the recent past Jodhpur is also experiencing a huge number of tourist footfalls as the tourists are coming down to place to go for excursions from Jodhpur. Presence of a number of tourist attractions in close proximity to the Jodhpur helps in making Jodhpur excursions a thoroughly enjoyable excursion for the tourists. These excursions take you for a number of tours. Tours to Manvar is one such attraction that will surely be a great experience for the tourists. Offering the beauty of desert of at its best, it is a must visit during excursions from Jodhpur.

Overview of Manvar tours

Located in the midst of the Thar Desert, Manvar lies exactly between the Jodhpur, Jaisalmer and Bikaner. The tours to Manvar are an excellent way to have a thoroughly enjoyable holiday. Tours to Manvar is the perfect option for you if you wish to get the true feel of deserts. The particular tours offer the raw beauty pf nature and as people would like it, the tour lets you explore the various parts of the desert to enjoy its kaleidoscopic beauty. Sightseeing Manvar will also give you the opportunity to enjoy the excitement of wilderness in desert. Visiting the Manvar resort is also an integral part of Manvar tours as the sprawling resort built on 5 acres of land will reflect the true ambiance of the traditional village.

Tours to Manvar will be best during the months of September to March. During these tours, you will be able to get to see thousands of migratory demoiselle cranes as these birds come to Khichan during this time. The tours will also take you to places like tribal villages; will let you witness local artisans works and also the rich wildlife of the place. Jeep safaris during the tour are also an enjoyable experience for the tourists. During these safaris, a lot of tourists feed the migratory cranes. The havelis made of sandstone are also viewed during the Manvar tours.

Hence, if you have been to Jodhpur and giving it a second thought before visiting it again then you need not at all as there are a number of places in close proximity to the Jodhpur. There are a number of excursions available to visit these places. Hence, Jodhpur will offer something new in the form of excursions from Jodhpur.

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