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Tours to Osian

Rajasthan has a number of tourist attractions in the form of places with historical importance, places with serene natural beauty, rich wildlife. This variety attracts a lot of tourists with varied interest as their demands are served by the variety of tourist attractions. Hence, it helps in creasing the overall tourist count in Rajasthan. There are a number of cities in Rajasthan that has a lot of attractions to offer to the tourists. Among those various cities, Jodhpur is one of the most popular one. The variety of tourist attractions in the city makes it one of the most visited one in Rajasthan. Another factor that has currently added a number of tourists coming to the place is the excursions from Jodhpur. There are many tourist attractions very close to the Jodhpur. To make them accessible to tourists, there are number of excursions organized. This helps the tourists to visit some of the splendid attractions nearby Jodhpur. The excursions take the tourists for a number of tours. Tours to Osian is one such tour that has turned into an integral part of excursions from Jodhpur. Dating back to 8th century, the visit to this place helps to tourists witness an array of temples.

Proving a glimpse of the cultural heritage of Rajasthan, the tours to Osian is a great experience for the tourists. Osian, which once used to be the center of trading during the 8th century was ruled by the Pratihara dynasty. By visiting this place you will be able to witness as many as 16 temples. The particular location offers a calm and peaceful ambiance that prevailed during the past times of Osian. The Brahamanical and Jain Temples of the place is also a great experience for tourist going for the tours to Osian. It is great visit as you will be awestruck woth the beauty of the fa'ade of the temple. The fa'ade of the temple looks truly beautiful with the beautifully carved life size statues and motifs. Other temples that are visited during the tours to Osian are as follows:

  • Kali Temple
  • Harihara Temple
  • Sun Temple
  • Kali Temple
  • Jain temples
  • Sachia Mata Temple

The best part of visiting these various temples is that none of the temples bear a similar architectural style. As a result, while visiting the various temples you will be able to visit the different architectural style of the place. Hence, tours to Osian will be a must during the Jodhpur tours. Features like the carved sculptures of these temples bear special significance as these give you an idea about the grandeur and splendor of the life style of Gujara Pratiharas. The exquisitely painted frescoes which depict the life and childhood feats of Lord Krishna attract a lot of devotees as well. Features like the gigantic archways and gateways are also a treat to the eye.

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