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Tours to Rohet

Excursions from Jodhpur will take you to the impressive journey of Rohet town which is a pretty small heritage site around Jodhpur, famous for its Rohetgarh fort. It is about 40 kms away from the city of Jodhpur in Rajasthan.

Rohetgarh in the north Indian state of Rajasthan was the fortified desert home of the descendants of the 16th century Rathores of the Champawat clan. Fondly referred to as the 'Evergreen Oasis in the Desert', Rohetgarh is a must tourist stop during tours to Jodhpur.

The Rohet Garh Fort served as the ancestral home of Thakur Dalpat Singh I but later got converted into a heritage hotel. This opulent fort enjoys the distinction of being one of the best transformed heritage hotel near Jodhpur. The heritage hotel offers some of the best facilities with a touch of elegance.

Tour to Rohet will transport you to another world of glory, pride and honor as you step inside the fort house. The magic of prehistoric Rajasthani culture that still surprise tourists across the globe won't fail to cast its spell on you at Rohetgarh Fort. Witness the grandeur that the ancient Rathore clan used to enjoy by staying at this gorgeous fort.

Rohet Tours is famous for village safaris, which introduces its guests to the local cultures and traditions. Spot the rare black-buck antelope: the semi nomadic Raika shepherds of Marwar whose gleaming crimson and marigold costumes would put contemporary designers to shame. Tourists can also interact with the farmers and the weavers.

Guests simply love to witness traditional folk ceremonies and admire the village artisans at work creating leather articles, pottery and woven handicrafts. Besides being home to three species of antelope the Chinkara, the blue bull and the black-buck-Rohet is also a shelter for bird watchers with up to multi hued two hundred domestic and migratory species.

Tours to Rohet promises to give you an experience of a life time. It is a fascinating experience to visit the impressive Rohetgarh fort. Generations of courageous noble-men have built this heritage home where, in spite of the influence of modernity, aristocratic values are respected. The visitor of today experiences the legendary warmth of chivalrous Rajput hospitality.

Brilliantly plumed peacocks strut about, perching themselves under finely carved stone archways and the blooming landscaped gardens will mesmerize you. Amidst the weathered walls lies an oasis of landscaped gardens and flowers in bloom commanding a breathtaking view.

Tours in Rohet will give you a vivid picture of the colorful festivals of the region. Rohet all the festivals are celebrated with great splendor. Special among these is the Festival of Gangaur. Village folk a traditional form of dance is organized and performed.

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