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Forts, Palaces and Cenotaphs in Jodhpur

The number of forts, palaces and cenotaphs in Jodhpur are major attractions in Jodhpur. These attractions provide a great experience to the tourists as they reflect a lot about rich history of the place and the marvelous architecture of Rajasthan. The various features of these palaces and cenotaphs are a great way to get aware of the various attractions of Jodhpur. Hence, tourists visiting Rajasthan always visits these attractions to get the best of Jodhpur.

Forts of Jodhpur

There are a number of forts in Jodhpur. Most prominent among them are the Rohet Garh Fort, Mehrangarh Fort and Fort Chanwa Luni. These forts will let you a wonderful experience especially the Mehrangarh Fort located at an altitude of 125 meters on a high hill. The fort possesses a number of remarkable features. Visitors are often astonished by the beautifully carved panels and porches. You will also be able to see the Phool Mahal, Sheesh Mahal, Daulat Khana, Moti Mahal, and Sileh Khana after getting inside the Mehrangarh Fort. However, the Mehrangarh is not the only fort to visit. The Fort Chanwa is also worthy visiting as red sandstone structure and the beautiful lattice work reflects a breathtaking combination of romance and grace. The paintings on the walls of the forts are also a great attraction for the tourists.

Palaces of Jodhpur

If these were the forts, then there are the palaces and cenotaphs. Though there are a number of palaces in Jodhpur yet not to miss are the Balsamand Palace and the Umaid Bhawan Palace. The Umaid Bhawan Palace was designed by the renowned architect of that era, Vaughan Lanchester who did a marvelous job. The Balsamand Palace is also a great palace built in 1114 AD. A large number of tourists visit this palace to enjoy its marvelous architecture and the wonderful garden. However, both these palaces currently serve the purpose of hotels.

Cenotaphs of Jodhpur

The cenotaphs are also plenty in number in Jodhpur. One such cenotaph is the Jaswant Thadarr. Built in a place which was earlier a cremation ground, the impressive structure built of white marble is a great thing to visit for the tourists.

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