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Baba Ramdeo Temple, Jodhpur

Rajasthan is currently a bright spot in the global tourism map. Offering a variety of attractions that ranges from historical places to places with serene beauty, Rajasthan is a dream destination for tourists. Most famous for the Thar Desert, Rajasthan offers a distinct beauty with its variety of tourist attractions. Though these tourist attractions are spread across the various corners of the state but some cities are fortunate enough to have a high concentration of these tourist attractions. Jodhpur is one such city and has a large number of tourist attractions.

These attractions are a great experience for the tourists. The variety of attractions in Jodhpur also includes temples. These temples add a new dimension to Jodhpur tourism as it adds spiritual importance to it. As a result, not only regular tourists, a large number of devotees also visit these temples in Jodhpur. There are many temples in Rajasthan. Baba Ramdeo mandir is one of the most popular temples in Rajasthan. Dedicated to Baba Ramdeo, the temple is a must visit during your tour to Jodhpur.

Also known as Adhar Shila Temple, the Baba Ramdeo Temple is located between the Nagori Gate and Jalori Gate in Jodhpur. The temple is dedicated to Baba Ramdeo. Baba Ramdeo was born in Rajput family. However, with time he became inclined towards sainthood. The inclination was a result of his disbelief towards Rajput principle of inapproachability. He was more influenced by the concept of oneness and coexistence. Baba Ramdeo also possessed a horse which was his companion till his last days. These beliefs related to Baba Ramdeo add further spiritual importance to the temple.

The temple dedicated to such a great figure is bound to appeal to large number of tourists that mostly includes devotees. Located on top of a sandstone hill, the temple has a unique appeal with its antiquity. As you enter the temple, you will come across a rock where you will find world like enter at your risk. This adds a mot more mystic appeal to the particular trip. Hence, large number of tourists that includes devotees also comes down to Rajasthan in order to have the best of this temple. The easy connectivity to the Baba Ramdeo Temple is another factor that has helped in making it one of the most visited tourist attractions in Jodhpur. Hence, what are you waiting for? You will truly enjoy the tour to Baba Ramdeo temple as it will be a great way to get close to Rajasthan culture and also add a spiritual importance to your tour.

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