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  • LocationJodhpur, Rajasthan

  • Opening Hours 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM

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Udai Mandir in Jodhpur

A true architectural wonder in the desert, Udai Mandir is situated on a raised platform in the sandy city of Jodhpur. Once inside the temple, visitors will likely encounter an inner sanctum traditionally known as the Garba Griha. Surrounded by gold pots, the Garba Griha is an eye-catcher and is generally kept covered in a piece of cloth. Its elegant doors, made of sandalwood, add to the beauty of the inner sanctum.

Besides the sanctum, the interiors of Udai Mandir speak highly of the beautiful wall paintings of around 84 Yoga Asanas. Gold paintings of Nath Yogis inside the temple complex are also a delight.

Architecture of the Udai Mandir

The Udai Mandir boasts a front gate made of sandstone and its design and layout ooze architectural brilliance. More than 100 pillars support the structure of this popular attraction in Jodhpur. The architecture of this shrine reflects the rich culture and technology. After admiring this temple's design, you will feel immense respect towards the artists.

Things to do at and around Udai Mandir

Udai Mandir is one of Jodhpur's most visited pilgrimage sites that offers a satisfying sightseeing experience. Moreover, You can immerse yourself in numerous activities that will let you create unforgettable memories. Below is the list of activities that you can enjoy besides getting blessings from this temple.

  • Get blessings and experience the spiritual vibe in the sanctum of the temple
  • Explore the Streets of the Cycle Market to enjoy a shopping spree.
  • Collect souvenirs from Sarafa Bazaars for your loved ones.
  • Learn about the Rajputana culture by witnessing unique arts and crafts at Ganpati Market.
  • Discover Woodcarving stores for an unforgettable travel experience.
  • Explore food outlets to taste famous Rajasthani dishes Dal bati Churma and Moong Dal Halwa.

How To Reach Udai Mandir

This temple is located on the Udai Mandir Road and can be easily spotted from a distance as it has a massive structure. From Jodhpur Airport, Udai Mandir is approximately 5 km away, which you can cover by taxi, cab, or auto.

If you are coming by rail, you need to cover 3 km from the Jodhpur junction to reach there. Being one of the famous destinations, you can go here from any city corner. Getting around in Jodhpur is excellent, and taking an auto would be a good choice to reach there.

Best Time to Udai Mandir

You can visit Udai Mandir in any season as it embraces tourists yearly. However, October to March is the ideal time to plan your vacation, as the weather condition is soothing for sightseeing and allows you to indulge in outdoor activities in Jodhpur.

From enjoying delicious foods to sightseeing in the city, the winter season is adequate for enjoying tourism. Moreover, visiting this temple in the early morning is the best time, as you can attend the Aarti ceremony and start your day with great delight.

Attractions of Udai Mandir

  • Kali Temple
  • Harihara Temple
  • Sun Temple
  • Jain temples
  • Sachia Mata Temple

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