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Tourist Attractions in Junagarh

Cuddled in the laps of Girnar Hills, Junagarh holds a quaint charm for tourists with its amazing Ashokan Rock Edicts, some famous forts and monuments. It is also an important site of Jain Tourist Attractions because the Jain Pilgrim venue is located here.

Tourist Attractions in Junagarh :

ASHOK SHILALEKH :- Located 2km east of Junagarh and 3 km from the foot of Girnar Hill. There is an edict of Emperor Ashoka over here that belongs to 3rd Century BC.

SAKKARBAG ZOO :- It is the oldest zoo in Gujarat and the 3rd oldest in the country.

MAKABARA :- it is a place where the Nawabs have been buried. Medieval architecture is visible over here. It is one of the greatest Tourist Attractions at Junagarh.

NARSINH MEHTA CHORO :- the greatest post saint named Narsinh Mehta held assemblies over here. Some say that it is a place where Lord Krishna held his Rasleela dance for his follower Narsinh Mehta.

JUNAGARH FORT :- one of the most vital Tourist Attractions in Junagarh is the Junagarh Fort. It is visited not only by Indians, but foreign visitor flocks over here all round the year.

UPPERKOT :- It is an inspiring Upperkot fort that owes its origin as early as 319 BC. Hidden out of sight for over 300 years, it was rediscovered in 976 AD.


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