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Forts and Monuments in Junagadh

Talking of Forts and Monuments in Junagadh, we find temples, mosques, Buddhist monuments and beautiful structures scattered all over the town. The Uparkot fort,Junagadh being the most important amongst all , it was erected around the times of the Mauryan dynasty and houses the Jami Masjid, Tomb of Nuri Shah, the Buddhist caves and the two multi-staired step wells or Baulis as they used to call it. Almost nothing remains of the mosque except its ruins. The Buddhist caves date back to 200 B.C to 200 A.D and are examples of excellent architectural brains in the form of air-conditioned rooms, meditation rooms and grand arches with Gothic taste.

Built by Mahabat Khan, the Mahabat Maqbara, Junagadh is another of the forts and monuments in Junagadh which deserve a special mention. It houses tombs of Mahanat Khan, Rasul Khan and Bahadur Khan. The winding staircase and silver doors mark the uniqueness of this mausoleum.

The Ashokan Edicts, Junagadh, inscribed into a huge stone inside a building speak of Ashoka's philosophy of religious tolerance and harmony among various religions and cultures. Erected in 1535 A.D, The Fort of Diu stands as one more example of ancient architecture with moats, jails, canons, huge windows adding to the nostalgic effect all the more.

The temples situated at the peaks of Girnar hills also attract a fair share of travelers. Decorated beautifully architecturally, temple of Neminath and temple of Mallinath are the two Jain temples and temple of Amba Mata is a Hindu temple.

Apart from these, the Nawabi palaces strewn all over Junagadh are fabulously designed with jharokhas or intricately etched balconies, wood carvings and beautiful gateways. All these Tourist attractions in Junagadh speak of the rich history and tradition of the city.


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