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Mallinath Temple in Junagadh

Tourists coming to Junagadh would be enchanted by its numerous temples, forts and museums. Amongst the Holy Places in Junagadh, the Temple of Mallinath, Junagadh deserves a special mention. As Junagadh is well linked to other key locations of Gujarat via regular bus services, reaching this temple would not pose any problem.

History of Temple of Mallinath in Junagadh

The credit of the construction of Temple of Mallinath, Junagadh, Gujarat, India goes to two brothers named Vastupal and Tejpal. Junagadh Temple of Mallinath was erected in 1177 by this duo.

Description of Temple of Mallinath in Junagadh

Actually the Junagadh Temple of Mallinath is a triple temple. The exteriors of this temple are exquisitely carved and present a stunning sight to behold. At this temple, you would be able to get a captivating insight into Jain religious rituals. Akin to a Hindu temple, pilgrims at this place also offer leaves, fruit, flowers, vermilion, sandalwood paste and grains to the deity, amidst ringing of the bells and chanting of mantras. Once the pooja gets over, these devotees adorn their foreheads with liberal daubs of vermilion as well as sandalwood paste. A generous amount of money is also offered for the upkeep of the shrine.

Like the Hindus, the Jains too have a complex ceremony of ablutions prior to the pooja. The men at Junagadh Temple of Mallinath are needed to wear unstitched clothes while offering their respect to the deity. However, the women are permitted in their normal clothes.

This Temple of Mallinath, Junagadh is a favorite meeting place of sadhus (ascetics) during important festivals. A majestic fair is held at this place during the Kartika Purnima festival that's held in Nov-Dec. So, ensure to make a visit to the Temple of Mallinath, Junagadh while you embark on your tour to Junagadh. A stopover at this temple would enable you to experience all the aforementioned features with your own eyes.

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