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Junagadh Zoo Museum

The Junagadh Zoo Museum, Junagadh is one of the most frequented Tourist attractions in Junagadh for obvious reasons. A museum incorporated within the premises of a zoological garden is undoubtedly exclusive in its own sense. It is situated at the foothills of Mount Girnar.

History of the Junagadh Zoo Museum,

Set up in 1863 A.D, and situated at 4km north of the southern part of Junagadh, the Sakkar Bagh Zoo, Junagadh, is oldest of its kind in the entire state of Gujarat, set up by the Nawab with a view to keep poaching under control of the Asiatic lion. It is a well maintained animal park , home to several species of motley colored birds, including flamingos, tigers, lions, leopards and other royal beasts. In the very premises of the zoo, there exists the Junagadh Zoo Museum, Junagadh with various objects which emit cultural evidences from the past.

Description of the Junagadh Zoo Museum

The co-existence of a zoo and a museum undoubtedly makes Junagadh Zoo Museum one of the most visited Tourist attractions in Junagadh. The zoo, comprising of the various animals and birds of a variety of taxonomic categories, also is home to a museum which preserves the very valuable documents, manuscripts, sovereigns, sculptures, various letterings, miniature paintings.

The Junagadh Zoo Museum is a major help to the tourists as it acts as a travel guide to them. The museum has a library of its own and the authorities of the museum hold seminars travel sessions at regular intervals for the benefit of the travelers. This helps a layman to get track of the tourist spots and also helps one to dig into the days of the medieval ages. Film shows are also held inside the museum at times and this is another interesting characteristic of the Junagadh Zoo Museum.


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