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Devarajaswami Temple in Kanchipuram

The Devarajaswami Temple in the eastern end of Kancheepuram is located at a distance of about 76 kilometers from Chennai. This temple, dedicated to Lord Vishnu was built by the Vijaynagar Empire. The 10 meters high idol of Lord Vishnu which is taken out once every forty years for the darshan of the devotees was last taken out in the year 1979. This was a memorable event of the temple.

History of Devarajaswami Temple :

The legend or the history of the Devarajaswami Temple says that, Brahma wanted Lord Vishnu to come down to earth after his creation of the Universe. Brahma heard the voice of the Lord and performed a Yagam. Towards the close end of the Yagam, Lord Varadaraja and his consorts. Sridevi and Bhudevi appeared out of the flames. Then Brahma prayed to the Lord, asking him to stay on earth and bless the devotees. The lord agreed to remain and thus the temple was created.

Description of Devarajaswami Temple :

There are two gopurams at the Devarajaswami Temple, Kanchipuram which are about 1000 years old. These have been built over the centuries by different rulers such as the Cholas, the Chera, and the Vijayanagar emperors. The temple has five huge corridors and two tanks which are called the Ananda saras and the Golden Lotus Tank, which add to the magnificence of the place. There is the deity of Lord Atthi Varadar which is made from Atthi wood, sanctified within a four pillared mandapam inside the Ananda saras. Once in 40 years, the idol is taken out of the water before it is put back again. There is the annual Brahmotsavam of the Devarajaswami Temple which is held for 10 days . The most striking feature of this temple is a huge chain which is carved out of a single piece of rock. There is also a marriage hall at the temple premises, to honor the wedding of Lord Vishnu to Goddess Lakshmi.


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