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Tourist Attractions in Kanha

Kanha is know world wide for its national park and is ideal for spotting the wild animals. Apart from this Madhya Pradesh store lots for the tourists. The town is famous for its varied wildlife and various historical sights. The historical items are displayed in the museum which gives the detailed background of the place and its significances. The green vegetation of sal teak and other forest trees explain the lush green atmosphere of the national park. Kanha is a tourist friendly place which pampers the tourists and gives them all the opportunity to spend their time in the pure nature.

Apart from the Kanha National Park there are other tourist attractions in Kanha. As history lies in every corner of the country so Kanha is not the exceptional one. The people and its natural beauty stay in its innocence. There are other places like Kanha museum and Bamni Dadar.

Kanha museum- Kanha museum is a tribal museum that gives elaborate details about the lifestyle of the people who belong to the jungle.

Bamni Dadar- Bamni Dadar is one of the famous sunset points. Tourists visit to get the picturesque view of the setting sun.

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