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Tourist Attractions in Kanker

Situated in the Bastar Region which lies to the south of the newly formed State of Chhattisgarh (that was previously a part of Madhya Pradesh), Kanker was officially declared as a district in the year 1999. The place form an important tourist attraction in Chhattisgarh as it offers some of the magnificent sceneries created by mountains, waterfalls, and five rivers namely River Doodh, River Mahanadi, River Hatkul, River Sindur, and River Turu. These essentially comprise the chief Tourist Attractions in Kanker.

Kanker is also historically significant which dates back to the Stone Ages. At that time, the place was inhabited by the barbaric and nomadic tribes with savage livelihood. The place had experienced a strong influence of Buddhism in the 6th century B.C. In the following periods the region around Kanker was covered with dense and impenetrable forest which also has been vividly mentioned in the epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata.

From about 106 A.D., Kanker was ruled by a numerous dynasties and empires. Of them, mention needs to be made of the Mauryas, the Guptas, and the Chalukyas. All these dynasties (which ruled Kanker till about 1100 A.D.), made their impression on this land by imparting their own culture and traditions. It was during this period that the establishment of the Temples (that are the major sources of Tourist Attractions in Kanker) can be traced.

Another factor which makes Kanker highly rated among other Touring Destinations in Chhattisgarh are the various Festivals in Kanker that are held for a major part of the year. Beside the common festivals like Dusshera, Diwali, Holi, the other festivals that form the major Tourist Attractions in Kanker, India are the Mati-tihar, Gobar-boharani, Ramnavami, and Navakhani.

Hence, Sightseeing in Kanker would certainly be a one to cherish.

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