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Tourist Attractions in Kanota

Kanota is one of the major Rajasthan tourist attractions. The place experiences a high tourist footfall throughout the year. The historical appeal and the splendid natural beauty of the place are the main attractions for the tourists. Kanota is located on the outskirts of Jaipur. Tourist attractions in Kanota boast a lot of variety. Tourist attractions like the museums, historic structures and places with splendid natural beauty make Kanota a very popular tourist place. The skyrocketing popularity of this place has made it a must visit for tourists coming for Jaipur tours.

Prime tourist attractions in Kanota

The beautiful Royal Castle at Kanota is the main attraction of Kanota tourism. The castle is spread across an area of 8 acres. This medieval castle boasts a number of unique features. These features will help you to get an idea about the splendor and grandeur of the royal era of Rajasthan. The castle has a number of tourist attractions. The Durbar Hall, the Museum and the library of the castle are the main attractions of the castle. The castle is not only a tourist attraction. After it was transformed into a hotel, it had been serving as a great accommodation for the tourists. This heritage hotel also manages to lure large number of guests. Guests of this heritage hotel get the chance to feel the royal hospitality of Rajasthan.

The museum being one of the major Kanota tourist attractions experiences a large number of footfalls. The museum is a perfect place to get an idea about the rich culture of Rajasthan. It has a wide variety of collection. The collection of the museum includes a number of miniature paintings. These paintings reflect the class of the artists of ester years. The collection also includes 16th century armory. It is remarkable collection and tourists get an enriching experience by witnessing these. Tourist attractions in Kanota also include a library. This library is also known as Poti Khana. This library has a rare collection of books. Another integral part of Kanota tours is the visit to the beautiful garden. The fruit orchard in this beautiful garden is a treat to the eye.

One of the main reasons for the rising popularity of travel to Kanota is its close proximity to the city of Jaipur. Jaipur is one of the most popular tourist places in Rajasthan. Hence, a large number of tourists come to the place. Most of the tourists coming to Jaipur take the opportunity to visit Kanota. Moreover, sightseeing in Kanota won't take too long as well. You can wrap up your visit in Kanota within a single day. However, those few tourist attractions in Kanota Rajasthan will be a splendid experience.