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Moti Jheel Park

The picturesque city of Kanpur undoubtedly has some of the most attractive tourist spots that are worthy of a visit and is definitely a lifetime experience. There are countless numbers of beautiful places in Kanpur. These places include names like Kamla Retreat, Shri Radhakrishna Temple (J.K.Temple), Jajmau, Jain Glass Temple, Kanpur Memorial Church, Allen Forset Zoo, Nana Rao Park, Phool Bagh, Buddha Park, Moti Jheel Park and the list goes on. Among all these parks and tourist spots, Moti Jheel Park, Kanpur stands out as it is one of the most visited gardens in the city.

History :

Moti Jheel Park, Uttar Pradesh was built following the old and traditional styles of building water reservoirs. The water reservoir has an ethnic and traditional look to it.

Description :

Moti Jheel Park, Kanpur is a a park built around a drinking water reservoir of the Kanpur Waterworks. Moti Jheel Park is located in the beautiful Benajhabar area of the city of Kanpur. Beautiful children's parks and recreation and relaxation grounds have been built around the area surrounding the Moti Jheel Park in Kanpur in India.

Moti Jheel Park, Kanpur is located very near to the Kanpur Medical College in Ashok Nagar. Moti Jheel lies adjacent to the Tulsi Upavan and the Japani garden.

The Jheel has recently been renovated and made much more beautiful. The place is slowly becoming a spot for picnics. The breeze that blows across the Jheel is well liked and enjoyed by the morning and evening strollers.

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