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Gurudwara Banno Sahib

The beautiful and historical city of Kanpur is an important industrial center of Uttar Pradesh. The historical and commercial city of Kanpur is nestled on the banks of the holy and sacred river Ganga. There are thousands of tourists every year who flock to the wonderful city of Kanpur. There are quite a large number of beautiful historical, religious and Holy Places in Kanpur.

The endless number of tourist places include Allen Forset Zoo, Moti Jheel Park, Jajmau, Shri Radhakrishna Temple (J.K.Temple), Jain Glass Temple, All Souls' Memorial Church, Nana Rao Park, The Temple of Lord Hanumanji, Kamla Retreat, Phool Bagh, Buddha Park, Panki, Gurudwara Banno Sahib and many more. Out of all the tourist attraction spots and all the Holy Places in Kanpur the one that really stands out of the rest is the Gurudwara Banno Sahib, Kanpur.

History :

There is a 350 years old manuscript of Gurugranth Sahib which is certified with the signature of Bhai Banno Sahib in the Gurudwara Banno Sahib.

Description :

There are an endless number of tourists who visit the Gurudwara Banno Sahib in Kanpur in India every year. There are thousands of devotees, disciples and followers who visit the Gurudwara Banno Sahib, Uttar Pradesh quite regularly. People find spirituality and peace of mind in Gurudwara Banno Sahib, Kanpur. Religious people will find themselves at home in Gurudwara Banno Sahib, Kanpur. A sense of serenity and peacefulness is imbibed in the people. Gurudwara Banno Sahib, Kanpur is very beautifully made.


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