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Massacre Ghat

Massacre Ghat is one of the prime Tourist Attractions in Kanpur. Massacre Ghat, Kanpur is situated in the Kanpur Cantonment Area. The place is located on the right bank of the River Ganga.

History of Massacre Ghat, Kanpur :

Massacre Ghat in Kanpur, India has become extremely significant in history since the Revolt of 1857, which is also popularly referred to as the Sepoy Mutiny of 1857 or the first war of Indian Independence.

Said to trigger off the first war of Independence in India, on 27th June, 1857, Kanpur witnessed one of the darkest events of all times. As many as three hundred British men, women and children were butchered at the in Kanpur. Those who were able to escape such a brutal fate were later killed at what came to be known as the 'Bibighur Massacre'. The Ghat was renamed as Nana Rao Ghat as the rebellion was believed to have been led by Nana Sahib of Peshwa. This Sati Chaura Ghat later got recognized as Massacre Ghat.

Description of Massacre Ghat, Kanpur :

Today the Massacre Ghat stands to tell the tragic story to those who visit it. A white temple stands at the site. Massacre Ghat in Kanpur, India would reveal to you, a darker and lesser known side of the history of Indian Independence.

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