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Museums in Kanpur

The city of Kanpur has loads of interesting things to offer its tourists. Museums in Kanpur are certainly one of them. Being the biggest among the Cities in Uttar Pradesh, Kanpur holds a significant position in the political, religious, social, and cultural history of India.

Talking of Tourist Attractions in Kanpur the Museums in Kanpur, India need a special mention. The importance of Museums of Kanpur is heightened due to the fact that Kanpur has a strong and elaborate influence in the history of India. The antique articles exhibited in the Kanpur Museums would fascinate you. The artistic brilliance reflected by the various wares would surely amaze you.

Two most popular Museums in Kanpur are the Singhania Art Gallery and the Kamla Retreat Museum.

The Singhania Art Gallery would certainly satisfy the artistic tastes of tourists. The paintings of ancient ages would leave you mesmerized. More astounding, is the quality of the mediums of paintings that have refused to fade even after the passage of several centuries.

Kamla Retreat is one of the renowned museums of India. The Museum gets its name from the Kamala Nehru Road, where it is situated. Kamala Retreat displays a vast range of artifacts that belong to a wide time span.

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