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Temples in Kanyakumari

Temples in Kanyakumari includes some of the famous temples located on the sea beach. The multihued sand sparkling in the sunrays meets the sea; the sea at Kanyakumari is so unique that it deserves special mention.

The sea at Kanyakumari is formed by the confluence of the two seas and one ocean. The Bay of Bengal and the Arabian Sea meets the mighty Indian Ocean at Kanyakumari and any scrutinizing eye can discover the confluence. The waters of the three seas are different. This is observable from a distance.

There are numerous temples at Kanyakumari and they reflect the rich Indian heritage and culture. The picturesque landscape at Kanyakumari merges with the traditional temples and monuments and paints the true picture of India. Kanyakumari lies in the southernmost tip of India.

On the sea there are two rocks. One of the rocks is known as Vivekananda Rock. It is said that Vivekananda meditated on this rock and attained salvation.

Kumari Amman Temple, Kanyakumari: On the sea beach the Temple of Virgin Durga is located. She is believed to have performed her penance and meditate for getting the blessings of Lord Shiva. In that blessing she wanted to ask for him as a husband.

This was a painstaking job and she did that quite well. Perhaps that was the reason why she got the boon from him ultimately. Parvati wore a nose ring and in sunlight that nose ring still sparkles.

Thus, the seamen often say that the sparkle of Parvati’s nose ring is observable from deep sea. According to the legend Parvati went on meditating and on the day of the marriage Lord Shiva did not turn up and so, the food went dry and remained uncooked.

In course of time they were changed into rocks. The rocks at Kanyakumari are those uncooked foods. At the Kanyakumari Temple the Navaratri Festival is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety. There is also another temple at Kanyakumari and this temple is known as the Sree Bhadrakali Devaswom, Kollemcode, Kanya Kumari is another important temple at Kanyakumari and is also visited by the tourists who are interested to discover the hidden glory of India.