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Sri Bhadrakali Devaswom Temple

The Temple in South India known as Sree Bhadrakali Devasom at Kollemkode is an important temple that endows the followers with blessings of the Lord Bhadrakali who is believed to be the most efficient Lord in endowing blessings to the followers. It is a religious temple for the Hindus and is widely worshipped all over the country.

The renowned festival known as the Kollemcode Thookkam Festival is held in the Temple of Sree Bhadrakali Devasom every year and is mostly visited by the old couples who are younger or older and visit the temples for the Lord and also pays homage to him. Thookkam Festival is the most celebrated one and is generally held in the Bharani Day, and the day generally falls on a Friday or a Thursday.

Description of the Sree Bhadrakali Devasom:

The Kumari Amman Temple is one of the reputed temples in India and the devotees of the Mother Goddess visit the temple especially during the festive occasions. For the wedded couples the Kumari Amman Temple is a golden experience.

There are numerous other temples that are located near the Kumari Amman Temple. They are the Lord Ganesha Temple, Lord Shiva Temple, Lord Krishna Temple and the Lord Vishnu Temple. The temples are dedicated to the respective Gods and Goddesses. For example the Lord Shiva Temple has been dedicated to the Lord Shiva and the Lord Vishnu Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

The Ganesha Temple has been dedicated to Lord Ganesha. The beautiful landscape at Kanyakumari caters to the taste of millions of people across the globe. They come to Kanyakumari to spend some brilliant time at the confluence of the seas. The temples in Kanyakumari reflecting the Indian heritage is a place to find maximum solace from the humdrum of daily existence.


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