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Tourist Attractions in Kapilvastu

Kapilvastu is located at a distance of 27 kilometers south of Lumbini Gardens close to district of Siddhartha Nagar in Uttar Pradesh. The place is positioned close to both Lumbini as well as Shravasti. Kapilvastu was the capital of the Shakya household where Lord Buddha or Gautama Buddha was born to King Shuddhodhana. He grew up amidst lavishness and was kept away from the miseries of life. But suddenly one day he broke away the comfortable trap of his father and set out for a journey on his own. The place is important to envision as the pre contemplation, luxurious days of the Lord who had bestowed much upon humanity by giving up his own luxury and princely class.

Tourist Attractions in Kapilvastu:

The Tourist Attractions in Kapilvastu are innumerable and the beauty and charm of Kapilvastu are sure to captivate all kinds of tourists.

Kapilvastu is a primary archeological location and for this reason it is one of the most frequently visited tourist destinations in Nepal. The place has the ruins of the citadel where Lord Buddha spent his formative years. The archeological works that had been done in this area had to go through various barriers including monetary limitation. The archeologists had excavated out as many as 14 different layers of human habitat in this region. The oldest among the human habitations dates back to 8th Century BC. There are many Stupas spread across the place, built by Ashoka and the Gupta Kings. The symbols left behind by the Shakya dynasty are clearly seen and there are relics of Lord Buddha himself.

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