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Netrani Island Beach Karnataka

Netrani Island beach in Karnataka is close to a small town called Murdeshwar in Karnataka. Murdeshwar is known for its famous Shiva temple and giant size Shiva statue. It is located on a beach between Honnavar and Bhatkal about one kilometer from the national highway. Netrani Island beach is one of the best beaches in India which is known for its amazing underwater life. A diver's paradise, Netrani Island beach can offer you a kaleidoscope of the underwater life.

Enthusiastic tourists drive for a weekend from Bangalore or other nearby places to enjoy Netrani Island, its serene surroundings, long stretches of silver beach, clear blue water and the 500 year old Shiva temple. Divers making it to the Netrani Island beach should come well equipped with scuba gear, air tanks and air compressors.

As you cross the Murdeshwar town gate you will come across the looming statue of Shiva standing 15 meters tall giving you the feeling of being watched. Built by a prosperous person of the town, it is a huge presence in the temple complex which houses the 500 year old Shiva temple.

Netrani Island beach is about an hour from Murdeshwar in boat. One of the beat diving spots in the island is Jenny's Aquarium. The underwater visibility is average but you get to see the truly amazing marine life. Cobia's resembling sharks can be spotted. You will be surrounded by thousands of triggerfish, parrotfish, fusilliers, trevallies and squirrelfish.

Divers revel in the underwater marine life of Jenny's Aquarium. One is lucky to stumble across a school of barracudas. Another well known diving spot in Netrani Island beach in Karnataka is the Nursery. Teeming with moray eels, you can get wonderful underwater shots. It is a spot that is alive with parrotfish, triggerfish, scorpionfish, gobies and yellow shrimp. You may even chance to spot lionfishs.

Another diving spot in the Netrani Island beach is the Grand Central Station. As you come across a large number of fishes you begin to understand why it is called the Grand Central Station. Hawksbill turtle are found here. The seascape is littered with honeycomb morays and the odd snowflake eel. You may spot huge batfish basking in the sun. Huge band of big needlefishes can be seen swaying to the ocean's surges disguised as ocean debris waiting to fool predators.

Dinny's Delight is another amazing diver's spot in Netrani. Littered with cowrie shells in the sea bed the spot has multicolored sea slugs in various shapes. Angelfish, sergeant majors, wrasse and parrotfish burst in every direction including butterfly fishes and porcupine pufferfish.

Murdeshwar which is home to the huge Shiva statue and the temple has a secular crowd. Both Muslims and Christians are seen around the town enjoying its exotic beach. The sea is an intrinsically part of the temple-scape. The temple stands on a small hill, Kandukagiri and is surrounded by the sea on three sides. These are two life-sized elephants made of concrete guarding the steps that lead to the shrine. Chalukyan and Kadamba sculptures in the Dravidian style grace the temple décor.