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Bidar Fort Bidar, Karnataka

The Bidar Fort is surrounded by a triple-moat wall made out of red rock. The beautiful gateway and the over looming walls of the Bidar Fort gives the tourist a feeling of traveling to the historical past of the small town that overlooked the Manjira River Valley. The other structures in and around the Bidar Fort are also of great historical importance and speaks of the glorious past of the town. The gates, audience halls, pleasure pavilions, kitchens and the royal baths gives a deeper insight of the lifestyle that existed and the great historical importance of the small town of Karnataka.

The three-storied Mysore Palace features a series of square towers with arches covered by domes. The The Palaces, gardens, fountains, perfumed baths in the Bidar Fort gives one a feeling of traveling through the fantasy of the Arabian Nights. The Bidar Fort in Karnataka is surrounded by a wall which is three miles long. There are thirty seven bastions and most of the bastions were surrounded by cannons.

The Bidar Fort in Karnataka in India reflects the rich and chequered history of the place. The Bidar Fort gives a deep insight of the historical background of Bidar and the way of life that the people lived during the age.


The Bidar Fort, in accordance with history can be said was built in the 15th century. Bidar came into prominence with the sultanate regime.

The main entrance of the Bidar Fort was built by Bahamani Sultan Ahmad Shah Wali in 1429 AD. Later on renovations and modification in the Bidar Fort was carried on by Barid Shahi Sultans. The Bidar Fort had always been a desirable edifice to the Mughals and was lastly conquered by the Mughal King Aurangzeb.