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Citadel Bijapur

The Citadel in Bijapur is surrounded by a wall. The Citadel in Bijapur encompasses many palaces, halls and gardens which belonged to the Adil Shahi rulers. The Citadel is in a state of ruin but still holds the magnificence with a strong appeal. The remains of Hindu temples in the Citadel prove the fact that the city bore a great importance during the pre-Islam times.

While visiting the Citade one must also take a look of the remains lying around the Citadel. The remains of the Gagan Mahal, which was built in 1561, in the Citadel is worth seeing. Gagan Mahal was the royal palace. The Sat Manzil is the ruins of the seven stories palace of Mohammed Adil Shah. The Jala Manzil famous as the Water Pavilion and the Bara Kaman, which is the Twelve Arches, are among the important spots that should be visited while visiting the Citadel of Bijapur.

The Citadel is a monument of its kind. The citadel characterizes the great strength of the ruler in the way it was made. The massive structure and the best of materials used to build the monument still define the prowess of the ruler. The citadel is encompassed by a 100 yards wide ditch which was formerly used to supply water.

Citadel is an important historical monument in Karnataka and is visited by thousands of tourists every day. The historical value of the place has attracted tourists since times immemorial. The Citadel is an important tourist attraction in Karnataka and tourists while visiting Karnataka must visit the Citadel to get a deep insight of the historical prominence of the place.


The Citadel in Bijapur in Karnataka in India was built by Yusuf Adil Shah.