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Gulbarga Fort

Gulbarga Fort in Bijapur is a Historical Monument in Karnataka and an important Tourist Attraction in Karnataka. The Gulbarga Fort is situated in Bijapur. Within the Gulbarga Fort is a beautiful mosque known as the Jumma Masjid, was built in the model of the Great Mosque of Cordova in Spain. The Gulbarga Mosque is the oldest mosque in Karnataka and only of its kind in whole of India. The Gulbarga Fort in Bijapur gives an insight of the historical background of the city.


Gulbarga Fort was originally built by Raja Gulchand and was later renovated by Ala-ud-din Bahmani. The Gulbarga Fort has stood witness to many battles and had been a silent onlooker for many onslaughts. The Gulbarga Fort in Bijapur in Karnataka in India was demolished by Krishna Devaraya of Vijaynagar. It rose with pride to gain newer heights when Adil Shah repaired it with the treasure captured from Vijaynagar.


The Gulbarga Fort had 15 towers and 26 guns. The Gulbarga Fort in Bijapur in Karnataka encloses large buildings, temples, mosques, ammunition dumps, stables, carriages and many beautiful courtyards. The Jumma Masjid within the Gulbarga Fort of Bijapur is a major attraction for its beauty. The Jumma Masjid spreads over an area of 38,000 sq. ft. The domes and arched columns of the Jumma Masjid remind one of the Great Mosque of Cordoba in Spain.

The Gulbarga Fort in Bijapur in Karnataka in India is one of the many monuments that have history imbibed in it. The Gulbarga Fort stands as a reminiscent of the past and a link to the heroic historical majesty of the city and the kings who rules it.

While on a trip to Bijapur one must visit the Gulbarga Fort to experience the majestic aura of the city and the brilliance of the architecture portrayed on it.