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  • LocationMysore, India

  • Opening Hours 10am-5.30pm

  • Entrance Fee Indian/foreigner Rs: 40/200

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Mysore Palace

One of the magnificent monuments of Karnataka, Mysore Palace Mysore or the Maharajah's Palace is located in the heart of Mysore City in Karnataka India. Counted among the largest palaces in India, Mysore Palace in Mysore Karnataka was the pride of the ancient kingdom of the Wodeyar Maharajas of Mysore. A priceless national treasure, Mysore Palace is an exemplary embodiment of the famous Indo-Saracenic architectural style. Prominent among the historical monuments in Karnataka, Mysore Palace Mysore is revered for housing some exquisite carvings and numerous works of art.


Mysore Palace Mysore was originally built of wood, but the magnificent structure got burnt in 1897. It was later in 1912 that Mysore Palace was rebuilt for the twenty fourth Wodeyar Raja.Presently managed by the Department of Archaeology in Karnataka, Mysore Palace in Karnataka India has been converted into a museum housing treasures from across the globe.


The three-storied Mysore Palace Mysore features a series of square towers with arches covered by domes. The central courtyard of the palace is covered by a gold-plated dome at a height of 145 feet from the ground. You can enter Mysore Palace through the 'Gombe Thotti' or the Doll's Pavilion, which is adorned by numerous Indian and European sculptures and ceremonial objects. The Elephant Gate or the main entrance to the Mysore Palace Mysore features floral designs and the Mysore royal symbol of a double-headed eagle. To the north of the gate are displayed dolls, dating back to the earlier 19th and 20th centuries, and also a wooden elephant carriage decorated with gold and other jewels.

The 'Kalyana Mandapa' marriage pavilion at Mysore Palace Mysore features a central octagonal gabled ceiling, with multi-colored stained glass and beautiful chandeliers from Czechoslovakia. Towering cast iron pillars, arranged in groups of 3 are placed at the corners of the structure. The 'Diwan-I-am' Durbar Hall has an ornate ceiling, a glistening floor and many sculpted pillars. Other attractions of Mysore Palace include paintings depicting the manifestations of Goddess Shakthi, Scenes from the Epics, and an original painting of legendary painter Raja Ravi Verma.

The 'Ambavilas' or Diwan-e-khas features carved doors bearing exquisite inlay works. This royal hall is adorned with beautiful stained glass ceilings supported by metallic beams. Mysore Palace Mysore is surrounded by 12 temples, some built in typical Dravidian style featuring a 'gopuram'.

The Mysore Palace museum exhibits exquisite paintings, portraits, jewelry, royal costumes and other royal belongings besides a rich collection of weapons. The 200 kg gold royal throne of the Wodeyars - sculpted with splendid artworks - is displayed during Dussera Festival at Mysore Palace Mysore.