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Statue of Gomateshwara

Statue of Gomateshwara is a huge monolithic statue located at Sravanbelgola. The Statue of Gomateshwara at Sravanabelagola is a major Tourist Attraction in Karnataka and holds much importance in the history of Karnataka as a Historical Monument of Karnataka. This monument of Karnataka is at a distance of 158 km from Bangalore. Lord Gomateshwara was a Jain saint and is often referred to as the Lord Bahubali. The statue is made up of a single block of granite and is positioned on the top of the Doddabetta hill. The Statue of Gomateshwara, Sravanabelagola is 17 meters in height. The Statue of Gomateshwara at Sravanabelagola in Karnataka is considered as one of the greatest achievements in the field of sculptural art in ancient Karnataka. The Statue of Gomateshwara in Sravanabelagola is also one of the most brilliant Jain works of art.


This Statue of Gomateshwara at Sravanabelagola in Karnataka in India was created by Chamundraya around 983 AD. Chamundraya was a minister of the Ganga King, Rajamalla.


The festival Mahamastakabhishekam is held once in every 12 years, during which the image of Lord Gomateshwara is bathed in curd, ghee, milk, saffron and offered gold coins. The Gomateshwara Statue at Sravanabelagola has curly hair and large ears, wide open eyes, perfectly chiseled face with a faint smile, broad shoulders and arms, stretched downwards. The Statue of Gomateshwara, Sravanabelagola stands nude and straight in the posture of meditation known as kayotsarga. There is an anthill in the background, which signifies his continual sacrifice and self pain.

A snake and a creeper emerge from this anthill and wind around both the legs and arms. The statue stands on an open lotus, which brings out the architectural expertise and portrays the brilliance of the sculpture of the age. On the two sides of the main Statue of Gomateshwara there are two tall chauri bearers, standing in the service of the Lord. There is a trough carved behind the anthill, for collecting water and other ritual ingredients, which is used for the sacred bath of the Statue of Gomateshwara in Sravanabelagola in Karnataka in India.

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