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Jaganmohan Palace and Art Gallery Mysore

Mysore and Bangalore are the two important cities of Karnataka that have art galleries and museums exhibiting the art and craft of Karnataka. Seat of ancient dynasties.

Museums in Karnataka display currencies of various periods, collection of paintings a few hundred years old, exquisite jewelry, chiselled brasswares, pottery and natural stones, ivory goods, metal sculptures and crystal works. Jaganmohan Palace and Art Galleryin Mysore houses some of the spectacular pieces of art.

The Palace of Maharaja of Mysore, Jaganmohan Palace was converted into the Art Gallery in 1875. Art lovers visit the Jaganmohan Palace and Art Galleryin Mysore to study the paintings that date back to yester years. Artists then used natural vegetable dyes in their paintings.

A palace of magnificence the interiors of the temple transports you back to the era and makes you marvel at the amazing architectural skill possessed by the artisans then.

A treasure house of masterpieces, the Art Gallery of Jaganmohan Palace in Mysore houses some of the spectacular pieces of art. The famous "Gold Leaf" paintings of Mysore are exhibited in the gallery. It also houses the well-known oil paintings of Indian Master Raja Ravi Varma and Svetoslav Roerich.

A gallery of the Jaganmohan Palace has displays of several black and white photographs depicting royal functions. It also gives a glimpse of life that existed over a hundred years back. Jaganmohan Palace has a large auditorium. Cultural programs including musical concerts by famous musicians are held here.