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Devi Mookambika Temple Mangalore

Devi Mookambika Temple in Mangalore is one of the most renowned temples in India and is visited by pilgrims from each and every corner of the world and from all over India.

The Jyotirlingam that is just in front of the image of Goddess Mookambika is of great relic and importance. There is a golden line that divides this lingam into two unequal parts. The lingam is noticeable only in the light of reflected sunlight pointed at the lingam.

The left part of the lingam is larger than the right part. The right part of the lingam is associated and connected with Bhrama, Shiva and Vishnu and the left portion is is associated with Kali, Lakshmi and Saraswati.

Out of all the images in Devi Mookambika Temple in Mangalore the Balamuri Ganapathi idol is the most beautiful and picturesque one. The idol is made of white marble and is bordered by an image of a serpent.

In Devi Mookambika Temple in Mangalore in India, pooja practices are based on two disciplines. Firstly, as per Vathula and secondly, as per Vijaya yagama Shastra. The five different poojas performed at Devi Mookambika Temple, Karnataka are during Dantadavana (brushing the teeth), morning, afternoon, evening (pradhosha) and night. Pradosha Pooja is also known as the "Salam Mangalarathi" and is done on a regular basis.


Devi Mookambika Temple in Mangalore has an ethnic and traditional look to it. The temple was built following the traditional style of building temples.