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    Indian/foreigner Rs: 10/250
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  • LocationHampi, India

  • Opening Hours 8.30am-5.30pm

  • Entrance Fee Indian/foreigner Rs: 10/250

  • Camera Fee None

Vithala Temple Hampi

Vithala Temple Hampi is located on the southern bank of the Tungabhadra River. The temple can be reached from the west by walking along the riverbank from Hampi Bazaar and also from the east through the Talarigattu Gateway. Being a World Heritage monument, the ruins of the temple are in a moderately good state of preservation. The Vithala Temple, Karnataka is dedicated to Lord Vishnu. The temple has quite a good reputation in using both, the variety of styles that characterizes the shrines within the temple courtyard and the fineness and daintiness of the carvings that embellish them.


Vithala Temple Hampi was constructed in the 7th century. The temple was constructed by the rulers of Vijayanagar Empire and followed the medieval type of construction.


The unimaginable and artistic sculptural work of the temple is a depiction and an example of Vijayanagar Art at its best. The outer pillars of the Vithala Temple in Hampi in India are known as the 'Musical Pillars'. The reason is that these pillars start echoing when they are banged. But now the practice of banging is discouraged to avoid further dent.

The Vithala Temple Hampi consists of a flamboyant and aureate stone chariot in the temple courtyard containing an image of Garuda. The main temple was devoted and dedicated to Vishnu as Vithala. The chamber of the god along with its axial 'mandapa' faces east and forms a long and low structural group. This structural group is about 7.6 meters in height and 70 meters in length. The group comprises and consists of the open 'maha mandapa', a closed 'ardha mandapa', with side porches and a covered 'pradakshina-prakara'. These enclose the 'natarala' and the 'garbha griha'.