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Shivasamudram Falls Karnataka

In Mandya district, the Cauvery River meanders to fall into cascading Shivasamudram Falls Karnataka. Sparkling waterfalls are abundant in the sylvan forests of Karnataka. Flowing rivers rush through these forests to break into torrents of cascading falls falling from great heights on to rock beds splashing into jets.

You can discover the beauty of nature when you visit the tiny island town of Shivasamudram that is about 65 kms. east of Mysore. Reaching the Bluff at Shivasamudram, you have to walk along the banks of Cauvery for 2 kms through lush green fields scantily scattered with trees before approaching the Shivasamudram Waterfalls.

a breathtaking scene to watch the river plummet down from a height of 300-350 feet into a spray of mist. Sitting on the nearby benches from the watch tower you can revel on the beauty that the cascading waterfalls provide.

At Talacauvery in the Western Ghats of Kodagu district River Cauvery emerges and meanders to join the Rivers Harangi, Hemavathi, Lakshmana Thirtha and Kapila. Before venturing into Tamil Nadu, Cauvery leaves behind many splendid waterfalls and among them is Shivasamudram Falls.

Cauvery breaks into two branches at Shivasamudram thus creating the picturesque island. The two branches form separate falls, the Gagana Chukki or the western falls and Bhara Chukki or the eastern falls.

As the 90 meter Cauvery plunges into the gorge into a spate, breaking into a cloud of misty foam. Tourists love to view the thundering waterfalls when the river Kabini floods along with Cauvery during the months of July and August.

Asia's first Hydro - electric project, established in1902 can be seen downstream to the falls.