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Wildlife in Karnataka

If you have been long contemplating a trip or a short vacation to recharge for another round of brain storming session in closed board rooms its time you take a look at the amazing richness of Wildlife in Karnataka. The Western Ghats with thick evergreen forests and the jungle tracks south of the Vindhyas or the scrub jungles of the plains teem with a variety of flora and fauna.

If you are a wildlife enthusiast you will enjoy the many species you may encounter on your treks. Besides Karnataka has 23 well projected wildlife sanctuaries that are havens of endangered species of animals and avian life some of them that are endemic to the region. Some of the jungles in Karnataka were private reserves of the erstwhile rulers who had protected the wildlife.

Trekking along the tracks of the Western Ghats can be an exhilarating experience for the trekkers as the area is infested with numerous waterfalls and wildlife preserves. Trekkers enjoy the flora and fauna along the southern most parts of the Sahyadri hills in North Kanara to the sholas of the Coorg. Wildlife in Karnataka has much to offer.