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Skiing in Kashmir

Skiing in Jammu and Kashmir is one of the popular winter sports. As most peaks remain snow-covered throughout the year, skiing activities in Jammu and Kashmir never remain restricted to winters. It is a delight that tourists can enjoy round the year. Skiing is the foremost attraction among the various adventure sports in Jammu and Kashmir. The high peaks and the glittering snow provide the perfect setting for a winter sport like skiing. Gulmarg is the ideal place for skiing and other snow activities. All the necessary equipment are available in the local shops of Gulmarg. The beginners can train themselves with the help of experts, who teach and guide the tourists.

Best Place for Skiing in Kashmir

Gulmarg, the snow city of Jammu and Kashmir, is the best destination to play with snow and enjoy it to the heart's content. Skiing and skating in Jammu and Kashmir are the most popular activities among domestic and international tourists. Pahalgam is another important Skiing destination in Jammu and Kashmir, where tourists can enjoy the sun and the snow. According to the reports of recent developments, Heli-Skiing will be introduced and increase the inflow of tourists.

Types of Skiing in Kashmir

The white snow-covered hills and the serenity of the place invite tourists to enjoy and explore this land of snow and ice. Various types of skiing spots in Jammu and Kashmir make the trip more exciting and adventurous. Ice-skiing, hockey skiing, and snowboarding are popular among tourists.

Gulmarg ski shops import all the items from countries like Australia, Canada, and other European countries.Apart from skiing, there are other adventure sports like fishing, trekking, golfing, and water sports to make your trip enjoyable.

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