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Religious Places in Jammu and Kashmir

Religion is one of the mainstays of majority of Indians and the crown state of India, Jammu and Kashmir has some remarkable religious sites which are focal points of devotion for pilgrims across major religions of the country. Starting from Jammu, the shrine of Mata Vaishno Devi attracts thousands of devotees every year to the holy cave, where the Goddess is believed to reside in her pindi form, enlightening the lamp of devotion in the hearts of Her visitors. Moving a little northwest ahead is the sacred cave of Shiv Khori, associated with the incredible legend of Bhasmasur, whose story every child who ever acquainted himself with Indian folk tales must have read. While Raghunath temple is a wonderful complex of seven temples with their own shikharas, Naag Mandir is a fascinating abode of peace. 

On the other hand, the northern reaches of the state too has its own count of some amazing religious sites, revered earnestly by the locals and visited by tourists and pilgrims in multitudes annually. The Shrine of Hazratbal, in the heart of Srinagar, which houses the hair of Prophet Mohammed is incredible. Besides the glory of the Shankaracharya Temple and that of Kheer Bhawani Temple is spread far and wide in the country.

Also, Srinagar has some remarkable mosques, particularly the exquisite Jami Masjid and other similar structures which are popular, both as site of prayers and for their amazing architecture. Get altogether a unique spiritual experience in the midst of ethereal sights of Himalayas by visiting these mystically charged sites dotting the corners of this amazing state.