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Rudradhari Falls & Caves Kausani

Rudradhari Falls and Caves are located on Almore road, which is at a distance of12 km from Kausani. These caves and falls are an exquisite blend of thrill and natural beauty that one can experience with one visit. 

People who are adventurous and willing to experience the thrill and seclusion of being in a forest should visit these caves and falls. There is also a Someshwar Temple, which is situated nearby falls. Devotees have strong faith and spiritual connection with this temple.

The lush green paddy field with water falling vertically presents some fascinating views which will leave you speechless. Certain other caves have been explored near waterfalls which shouldn’t be missed either. Trekkers and people interested in the mild adventure should give it a try because, as people say ‘your Kasauni trip isn’t complete without visiting Rudradhari caves falls.

Kausani is blessed with a unique charm that you must explore by planning a vacation here. Our tailor-made Kausani tour packages allow you to experience the beauty, thrill, and spirituality of Kausani. So contact us and book your holiday tour package for a lovely and remarkable vacation in this hill town.