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Tourist Attractions in Kawardha

The multifaceted Tourist Attractions in Kawardha makes the place one of the perfect Travel Destinations in Chhattisgarh and also promises to make your Tour to Kawardha an experience to savor. This district in Chhattisgarh has all the elements from scenic beauty to historical importance that make an ideal holiday tour in this part of the world.

Kawardha is a beautiful little town based alongside the Maikal Ranges. The Sakri River flows through the south of the place and the Kanha National Park which is the largest Wildlife Reserve in India (in terms of area). Thus, the place presents an ideal setting for a perfect holiday experience.

The prime Tourist Attractions in Kawardha, India are brought about by the presence of a lot of tribal communities that reside in this part of the world. Among these the names of the Gond and the Baiga tribes are worth mentioning. The primitive ways of livelihood of the people come in striking contrast to that of the urban life that in turn makes a fascinating thing to witness and learn.

Apart from the tribal settlements, little is known about the history of Kawardha barring the fact that the place was included in several districts in Madhya Pradesh at various time periods in the 19th and 20th century until in 1998 when Kawardha was officially declared as a district. But there certainly was some rule in this place which is evidenced by the presence of the monuments like Kawardha Palace and holy places like the Radha Krishna Temple which make sightseeing in Kawardha all the more appealing.

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